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Hello! I’m Muur Roberts

My name is Muur Roberts. I live in Norwich with my husband and two young daughters. My husband is English and I am from Holland. We are raising our girls to be bilingual as well as bi-cultural. Time spent with my family is precious to me and I want to make sure that my daughters grow up to become well-rounded adults. Using the skills I teach in Parent Effectiveness Training at home helps me to do this as well as creating and maintaining a harmonious home...

 What I Offer

Parents/ carers
Grand parents/ Foster parents
P.E.T course

This course teaches the P.E.T. framework using a very specific set of communications skills, these practice based courses will show you how to

Schools/ Teachers
Primary and secondary education
T.E.T course and CPD skills workshops

This course is especially aimed at teachers, lecturers and anyone whose work involves teaching a group.  …

Be Your Best for adults
Y.E.T course for teens

B.Y.B teach you how to become more effective and take responsibility in both your personal and professional life….

Private or group tuition
English as an Additional Language

As a TESOL qualified teacher with experience as an EAL specialised Learning Support Assistant at a secondary school, I can help …


P.E.T gave me brilliant new skills

'I have learnt some brilliant new skills and totally transformed the way in which I approach my family. The skills have all been very effective. It has taken me some time to get used to using all of them, but they all work wonders. I couldn't handle conflicts before the course and now I am not so worried about speaking up for myself.

T, mother of 3

'It has helped in more areas of my life than just parenting my daughters. Work, family, marriage have all benefited'

A, father of 2

My experience of my mum and dad using P.E.T

"When I compare our way to how it goes in my friends’ families I think the consequences are fairer- my mum and dad don’t over exaggerate, but we talk about it and we learn from each other. It’s less shouty, I feel I can speak my mind/ worries and my mum will listen.

I would recommend it to my friends because I often think ‘ Why did you (their parent) do that punishment for- it’s way out of proportion, such as banning their mobile for a month. That is unhelpful for everyone.’

I liked it when my mum tried out using make-up to see what it is like because I find make-up important and she didn’t, but now she uses some too.

It helps me and my younger sister because it gives us a good example of how to deal with everyday life and also helps us to sort out our arguments without mum and dad helping.

It helps me with my friends too. When a friend falls out with me I feel confident talking to them about it. If two friends are quarrelling I help them sort it out.

Basically our family has turned out a lot more civilised."

F aged 11 (30/03/2017)


Personal Effectiveness
Gordon Training
Practical Parenting Skills