Hello! I’m Muur Roberts

My name is Muur Roberts. I live in Norwich with my husband and two young daughters. My husband is English and I am from Holland. We are raising our girls to be bilingual as well as bi-cultural. Time spent with my family is precious to me and I want to make sure that my daughters grow up to become well-rounded adults. Using the skills I teach in Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T) at home helps me to do this as well as creating and maintaining a harmonious home.

I have always been interested in people and their communication. Through my travels in the world and my TESOL diploma course I have come to love and really appreciate the English language and its function as a tool for communication between so many different peoples and cultures. In my work as an English language teacher I find all the time that I am learning about others and their cultures as much as I am teaching them English. That’s why I love the work I do.

Currently I am working part-time at a primary school. The rest of the week I’m self-employed, teaching Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T), Youth Effectiveness Training (Y.E.T) at local secondary schools, English as an Other  Language (TESOL) and Be Your Best (B.Y.B). I am also trained to teach Teacher Effectiveness Training (T.E.T) for those wishing to have a more effective way to manage the teacher-student relationship. I’m available for 1:1 sessions, couple tuition and groups.

Who I can help


  • Y.E.T for teens
  • Schools/ Teachers (T.E.T)
  • For Parents/ carers/ grandparents Parent Effectiveness Training(P.E.T)
  • Individuals (B.Y.B) and couples (Win+win Conflict Resolution)


P.E.T (Parent Effectiveness Training) is all about working together with your child and seeing them as a person in their own right with their own needs, whilst staying true to who you are and your needs. Working together with Carl Rogers who developed the Person Centred Approach, Dr Thomas Gordon was influenced by Rogers’ work when developing P.E.T for parents after he had created a successful course for leadership training. Both Gordon and Rogers became Nobel Prize nominees for their work to better human kind. I first came into contact with P.E.T through Dr Gordon’s book ‘Parent Effectiveness Training; the proven program for raising responsible children’, which was given to me when my daughters were 2 and 7. I read the book and felt I had a real gem in my hands. The skills described were so straight forward and versatile that I decided to take the course. P.E.T has given me the voice required to state my needs and confront unacceptable behaviour. It makes me both clearer and closer in my relationships with my daughters. My husband has also taken the course so we are able to share this method of communicating, which has increased harmony in our household. Our daughters in turn have learnt how to voice their needs and emotions clearly and are confident in solving conflicts between them and others. They are well-liked and communicative, open about what is going on for them in their lives. We are yet to start the teenage years, but I feel confident that P.E.T will help us all to deal with this when it comes. P.E.T offers an effective alternative to the way most of us solve conflicts. It involves and respects all parties whilst creating lasting solutions. As a P.E.T teacher, I offer tailor made 1:2:1/ couple tuition using your familiy’s unique situations as our material to work with. In 8 sessions I will teach you how to develop new communication skills which strengthen your relationship with your child/ren which leads to less time spend on shouting, crying and arguments and more quality, fun time together. Every time I teach it is like going on a journey with my course participants and I find it truly remarkable how effective listening and clear communication can make such a huge difference in parent- child relationships; in fact, in any relationship!

Price: £275 per person. £400 for couples. This price includes a work book and a text book, refreshments and a certificate upon completion*. There are different payment options available. £50 deposit is payable upon registering to secure your sessions.

Course duration: 8 x 3 hour sessions. These can be weekly, two weekly or over 4 double sessions.

Venue: I have several options to suit our needs. If a venue needs hiring, I will have to adjust the cost accordingly.

Times: Thursday/ Friday during school hours, term time only.

Attendance: The course requires you to attend regularly. You need to attend 80% of the course in order to get a Certificate of Completion*.

*Certificate of Completion: This course provides you with a Certificate of Completion, endorsed by Gordon Training International, the overseeing body of Parent Effectiveness Training.

To book/ more information call me on 07950-362357 or 016+03-510858



What makes the difference between teaching that works and teaching that fails? The factor that contributes the most is the quality of the teacher-student relationship. It’s more important than what the teacher is teaching or who the teacher is trying to teach.
T.E.T. teaches you all the essential communication and conflict resolution skills as taught in P.E.T. with the addition of two lessons on how to apply it in the school setting of your classroom whilst also adhereing to the school rules. T.E.T. skills give everyone in the class a chance to be an individual with his/her needs met, including yours; the teacher. The result are high quality relationships with your students and less conflict so you will have more teaching-learning time.
I offer the full course as well as individual skills workshops ( Active Listening/ clear communication skills/ win/win conflict resolution) which are great for CPD.

Price: £250 per person for the 30 hour course (includes work book, text book, certificate of completion*)   for groups of 6 – 12 people.
£ 30 per person for a 3,5 hour CPD individual skills session for groups of 10- 20 people.
Course duration: Full course of 30 hours long, split into 10 sessions x 3hrs.
Individual CPD workshops of 3,5 hours per skill.

Dates: Thursdays and Fridays, term time only during school hours.

Venue: There are two options;  at your school or at an independent venue (in which case the price will be adjusted to accommodate venue costs)

Attendance: The full course requires participants to attend regularly. (You need to attend 80% of the 30 hour course in order to get a Certificate of Completion).

*Certificate of Completion: The 30 hour course provides you with a Certificate of Completion, endorsed by Gordon Training International, the overseeing body of Teacher Effectiveness Training. This can be used as part of your Continuing Professional Development; and will be a valuable addition to any CV that focusses on working with children.

To book/ more information or to create a course format, times, venue possibilities which suits you.

Call me on 07950-362357 or 01603-510858

Win+winconflict resolution

When going through separation or divorce it can be very difficult to reach agreements as both of you have different solutions. Each of one of you wants your solution to be adopted by the other and arguments around which solution to use can ensue, costing a time and money. At these times it can be useful to have a third party helping you to reach a win+win conflict resolution for daily life situations or bigger decisions in which both parties’ needs must be met. After you both have agreed to follow this method, I will guide you through a six-step needs-based process and help you set up a plan to implement your agreed win+win solution.

When children are involved this process can assist you in setting up access arrangements, decide how to sort out events like parents’ evenings, school plays, birthday parties, Christmas and holidays or come to a consistent approach for the children between you.

Win +win conflict resolution is useful when preparing before your meeting with your solicitors/mediator. It is a facilitation- not an advisory service.

Price: £40 per person per session (1 hour)

Venue: I have several options to suit our needs.

Time: during school hours (09:30-14:30) Thursday/ Friday, term time only. Evening sessions available.

Call me for more information to see how I could help you.

I teach win+win conflict resolution skills as part of the P.E.T course along with effective listening and communication skills, which you might like to learn to use within your family. ( see Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T).

Youth Effectiveness Training (Y.E.T)

Remember what it was like being a teenager?

Adolescence can be an especially difficult time. Young people have many pressures in this modern world. Teenagers are not only trying to make friends, finding a group to fit in and a way to get along with their parents and teachers. They are also struggling to find out who they are, how to succeed in school and what will give them feelings of personal achievement and high self-esteem.

Nowadays emotional and social competence is just as important as academic competence, if not more so. The purpose of Y.E.T. is to help young people develop themselves socially and emotionally by offering them both basic personal development skills as well as relationship skills—skills they can use in all areas of their lives and for a lifetime.

Y.E.T is designed for young people between the ages of 12 and 18 years, both those who are coping rather well and also those who are having difficulty taking responsibility for their lives or those having problems at school or strained relationships at home.

Y.E.T. provides teenagers with healthy alternatives to self-defeating coping mechanisms such as rebellion, retaliation, lying, running away, using drugs and the like.

I am available to teach Y.E.T in schools (6-8 young people) and in small private groups of upto 6 young people.

Price: £ 100 per person (includes a work book and certificate upon completion*). £20 deposit is payable upon registering to secure a place.

Course duration: This course is 12 x 1 hour long

Dates: Term time Thursdays/ Fridays during school hours for school groups.  Term time Mondays 19:00-20:00 for private groups.

Venue: At school for school groups. A venue in NR3 is to be confirmed for small private groups 1 week before the course starts.

Attendance: the full course requires participants to attend regularly. You need to attend 80% of the 12 hour course in order to ghet the full benefit of the skills and the certificate of completion.

*Certificate of completion: The 12 hour course provides you with a Certificate of Completion, endorsed by Gordon Training International, the overseeing body of Youth effectiveness Training.

To book or for more information call me on 07950-362357 or 01603-510858

Be your Best  (B.Y.B)

This course teaches you how to become more effective and take responsibility in both your personal and professional life. It will help you to get what you want of your life and in your relationships with others. Be Your Best believes that each of us has the right to meet our needs, while also respecting the rights of others. This course will offer you a set of personal and interpersonal skills to develop more self-awareness, giving you the communication skills and conflict resolution methods to be more assertive in having your needs met and listen to the needs of others. Be Your Best also provides you ways to handle anxiety, and how to set goals for becoming more fulfilled.

I offer this course for individuals and small groups of upto 6 participants.

Price: £350 per person (includes workbook, text book**, certificate of completion* ) for groups of up to 6 people. A £60 deposit is payable upon registering to secure a place. Different payment options are avaiable.

Course duration: This course is 30 hours long, split into 10 sessions x 3hrs. Please note that there is a period of 4 weeks between session 9 and 10.

Dates: Term time, Thursdays/ Fridays only, during school hours, possibly evenings. Call me for availability.

Venue: To be confirmed 1 week before the course starts to suit both our needs. If a venue is needed, the price will be adjusted to accommodate venue costs.

Attendance: The course requires you to attend regularly. You need to attend 80% of the course in order to get a Certificate of Completion.

*Certificate of Completion: This course provides you with a Certificate of Completion, endorsed by Gordon Training International, the overseeing body of Be Your Best.

To book / more information call me on 07950-362357 or 01603-510858

English Language Tuition

As a first hand English learner I know from personal experience how hard and yet how interesting it is to master this language which is so prevalent in the modern world. For me, at secondary school in Holland, learning through a book proved ineffective. I was especially poor at written English, but I found that this improved a lot when I obtained an 80% in my oral exam. It was later on, after coming to London to work as an au pair, that I learnt to speak the language colloquially and became better acquainted with the peculiarities of English culture. As an au-pair I had to immerse myself in the language and so I picked it up much more profoundly just through connecting and speaking with people. I have carried this valuable learning experience forward, teaching my students speaking and describing skills first and foremost. This enables them to make friends and start their journey to learning English and assimilating. We fear what we don’t know and we all want to belong. I believe that communication is key as it will help learners to make friends and improve much quicker through speaking and feeling comfortable. Being able to speak English, getting a feel for the langauge also makes it easier to master the grammar and move on to written English as the student gets a feeling for what ‘sounds right or wrong’ and is then able to correct him/herself. Therefore I concentrate on describing exercises and extending vocabulary in the beginning, which boosts the confidence of a beginner’s level EAL student and continue speaking practice at all levels by using different topics that can be of use to my students.After qualifying as an English Language teacher (diploma TESOL June 2001, Grade A), I went on to gain further experience teaching English in different settings. These include: Teaching at Saint George International language school off Oxford Street, London. Here I taught groups as well as 1:1 lessons for students who were at different levels of English learning. Because class schedules were given on the day, I quickly learned how to plan efficiently. Later in Driebergen, The Netherlands, I taught young people wishing to work in the car trade at IVA school as well as adults (beginners through to advanced level) through working as a freelance English Conversation teacher for Eurocom Language Training.
For the last 5 years until December 2016, I have provided support at City of Norwich School to students with English as an Additional Language (EAL) I taught 1:1 and in small groups, helped out in the classes and assisted teachers in differentiating their tests or lesson material to make it understandable and manageable for the EAL student. As a non-native to Britain, I found myself in the ideal position to assist EAL students. Besides teaching grammar and extending vocabulary I have also been able to mentor EAL students, helping them understand the English culture and how it differs from their own, as well as helping them understand their learning stages.
Both skill sets, T.E.T and TESOL were essential in my work with teenagers, supporting 11-16year old students with Special Educational Needs (SEN), as well as the EAL students. As part of my ongoing Career Progress Development (CPD), I developed an A4 lesson aid to assist teachers to tailor their lessons for E.A.L students who had at most a rudimentary level of English, as well as a hand-out which will help extended writing in Key Stage 3 for beginner to pre-intermediate EAL students.
In 2017 I helped the English Plus+ charity for 6 months and taught refugees and asylum seekers voluntarily.
I teach adults, children and young people and am DBS checked.

Price: £20 for 1,5 hours

Dates: Thursday/ Fridays during school times preferred, but evenings or Saturday mornings might be able too.

Venue: I have different options from which we choose.

Call me for more information or to book your lesson on 07950-362357 or 01603-510858