It has been a great pleasure having Muur teach at our free weekly English classes. She is a great communicator, the students loved her well planned, interactive lessons, her open and engaging style of teaching and her warmth. She was also very reliable, positive and easy to work with. She is greatly missed both by her students and the other teachers and I would be delighted if she could ever volunteer with us at English + again.

Rosie Sexton, Project Co-ordinator English+ (Registered Charity Number 1169790)

English as an additional language

I am a TESOL qualified English Language teacher (diploma June 2001, Grade A) and have experience teaching English in various settings. I taught at the language school off Oxford Street, London, over the summer following the diploma course. During that summer I taught groups as well as 1:1 lessons for students from all over the world and with different levels of English. Because class schedules were given on the day, I learnt how to plan efficiently in a short amount of time and be flexible. After this I taught in Holland and covered for maternity cover at the private IVA school for those wishing to enter into the car Driebergen, Utrecht. In the evenings I worked as a freelance English Conversation teacher for Eurocom Language Training for adults who were beginners- through to advanced level. For 5 years until December 2016, I provided support at a large secondary school to students with English as an Additional Language (EAL) who had very little English knowledge or whose English wasn’t fully rooted. I taught 1:1 and small groups, helped out in the classes and assisted teachers in differentiating their tests or lesson material to make it understandable and manageable to the EAL student. As part of my ongoing CPD, I developed a lesson aid to assist teachers to tailor-make their lessons for E.A.L students with no, or beginner level of English, ass well as a hand-out which will help extended writing in KS3 for beginner-pre-intermediate EAL students. As a non-native to Britain, I’m in the unique position to assist EAL students with the acquisition of the English language through my own experience.At secondary school I was notoriously bad at written English, but really developed when I obtained an 80% in my oral exam and went au-pair in London shortly after where I learnt to speak the language properly and became acquainted with the English culture. I believe that communication is really important as it will help learners to make friends and improve much quicker through speaking and feeling happy. Being able to speak English makes it easier to master the grammar and write as the student gets a feeling for what ‘sounds right or wrong’ and is able to correct him/herself. This is why I concentrate on describing exercises and extending vocabulary in the beginning, which boost the confidence of a beginner’s level EAL student a lot.

Besides teaching grammar and extending vocabulary I have also been able to mentor EAL students, helping them understand the English culture and how it differs from their own, but also through helping them understand their learning stages. My independent travels have greatly developed my cross-cultural communication. This has proven very useful when creating rapport and teaching those following different religions and outlooks on life. The 8 years plus years of experience as a Learning Support Assistant at a secondary school has given me the great advantage of being familiar with the British school system all across the subjects offered, as well as having experience at differentiating lesson material to make it accessible to all levels of learning. I volunteer for English+ at the moment teaching asylum seekers, refugees and those with little English.

I offer:

  • 1:1 tuition
  • Group tuition
  • Conversation practice
  • Homework support
  • Exam preparation

When Muur helps my younger son he has more confidence. He speaks more and likes to read now. Muur teaches me how to help my son too. My family feels very grateful. Muur is more than just a teacher to us.

N, Mother of 2