Muur Roberts Parent Effectiveness Training

I find it better, because you get a chance to speak. It’s less shouty and a better way of sorting things out

F, aged 8

Parent Effectiveness Training (PET)

  • Is the school run a race against time?
  • Are bedtimes a nightmare?
  • Is the dinner table a battle ground?
  • Are you finding it hard to relate to your teen?
  • Do you sometimes give in, to get on?
  • Do you find yourself reacting, rather than responding?

Quality time with your family can often be taken over by tantrums and misunderstandings; and you may find yourself shouting, nagging, giving in, giving up or forcing obedience. These may be solutions that work in the short term; but they often breed resentment, rarely achieve the desired result and come at a cost to the relationship between you and your child.

The P.E.T. framework offers an option where the underlying belief is that parent and child deserve respect and understanding in the relationship. Each has valid needs that can be met by the other; and each can grow alongside the other whilst maintaining their separateness. Through using a very specific set of communications skills, these practice based courses will show you how to:

  • Discover how you can find out who has the problem in a situation. Is it you, or is it your child?
  • Know which communication skill to use and when. Stop talking and start listening; or stop listening and start talking?
  • Develop and practice your active listening skills
  • Understand your own needs more clearly, so that you can communicate effective ‘I-messages’
  • Experience Method III (No Lose Conflict Resolution) and develop your creative problem solving skills
  • Learn how to be ‘The Parent as Consultant’
  • Increase your self and social awareness; and welcome a different world view, through listening and talking to your children.

There are two courses available – group training or 1:1 Tuition. Both cover the same content, which includes the introduction of each new skill, tutor led discussion, interactive exercises, self-reflection, completion of exercises in the Participant Workbook (provided), practice and observation of skills used in the home and further reading of core text (provided).

Please join the Practical Parenting Skills Facebook page (link below) so you can become part of the growing group of P.E.T. parents in this area.

This course is the best present you could ever buy for your children. I feel confident that it will keep on giving and never devalue.

Lisa Walpole

Practical Parenting Skills (PPS)

You might prefer to take the Parent Effectiveness Training (PET) course in a group, where parents and carers can share experiences, learn from each other, practice skills and create a supportive network that, we hope, will outlast the course that they are on. In groups large enough to warrant it, PET will be co-delivered by myself and Andrea Rippon, through her business Practical Parenting Skills.

I first met Andrea, who has 15 years’ experience of working with groups and an academic background in the Person Centred Approach, in 2012. We stayed in touch and were struck by how compatible our work was; so much so that we decided to join forces. If you’d like to join a group to learn PET, please click the link below and you will be taken to her website where you can get more information and complete a booking form. Enrol in a Group PET course online.