Both engaging and invaluable in helping improve my relationships both with pupils in the class room and colleagues at school

C. Daniel


This course is especially aimed at teachers, lecturers and anyone whose work involves teaching a group or supporting students.

What makes the difference between teaching that works and teaching that fails? The factor that contributes the most is the quality of the teacher student relationship. It’s more important than what the teacher is teaching or who the teacher is trying to teach.

T.E.T. teaches you all the essential communication and conflict resolution skills as taught in P.E.T. with the addition of two lessons on how to apply it in the school setting of your classroom. T.E.T. skills give everyone in the class a chance to be an individual with his/her needs met, including yours.

The result are high quality relationships with your students and less conflict so you will have more teaching-learning time. This T.E.T. course is full of classroom examples and provides realistic and familiar situations to practise with, so you can use your new learnt skills at
work straight away.

Ideal for those working to complete their PGCE training and about to face the real world of teaching! Or for those longer in the teaching profession who want to add these very effective skills to their repertoire as part of their CDP (Career Development Plan).

What You Will Learn:

  • How you can talk and create a better rapport with your students
  • Strategies to create a classroom and lesson that prevent problems
  • How to listen so that your students feel heard and confident to participate in discussions
  • How to relieve emotional flooding in a student, so you can start a conversation
  • How to set classroom rules so that less enforcement is necessary
  • How to handle discipline problems so that you get compliance without damaging the student’s self-esteem
  • How you can avoid the problems of permissiveness and still have creative classrooms that encourage student participation
  • How to resolve conflicts so that both you and the students are satisfied with the solutions
  • How to facilitate conflict resolution between students

How You Will Benefit:

  • You’ll experience less stress
  • Students will have more respect and consideration for you
  • Fewer classroom disruptions and conflicts
  • Fewer discipline problems

How Students Will Benefit:

  • Increased academic achievement
  • Increased responsibility and self-control
  • More desire to cooperate and learn
  • Increased ability to work in group situations

T.E.T. teaches you all the valuable communication and conflict resolution skills as taught in P.E.T. with the addition of two sessions on how to apply it in the school setting of your classroom. It uses examples from classroom situations and gives you ample opportunity to practise your new skills before taking them back to school.

Course duration: This course is 30 hours long, split into 10 sessions x 3hrs.

However, individual CPD workshops which address listening skills or clear communication skills are available. Call me for more information to create a course format which suits you.

Dates: Term time only during school hours. Call me for possibilities at different times.

Venue: TBC- at your school or other venue (in which case the price will be adjusted to accommodate venue costs)

Price: £250 per person for the 30 hour course (includes work book, text book, certificate of completion* and 10 sessions) for groups of 10 14 people. £ 30 per person for a 3,5 hour skills session for groups of 10- 14 people.

Attendance: The full course requires you to attend regularly. (You need to attend 80% of the 30 hour course in order to get a Certificate of Completion).

Certificate of Completion: The 30 hour course provides you with a Certificate of Completion, endorsed by Gordon Training International, the overseeing body of Teacher Effectiveness Training. This can be used as part of your Continuing Professional Development; and will be a valuable addition to any CV that focusses on working with children.

To book: Call me on 07950-362357 or 01603-510858